Tired of Dealing with Hardware Costs and Maintenance? There's a better way.

Trying to pay for and maintain your business' computer hardware in-house can be a major problem for small and medium-sized businesses. Besides the initial capital investment and necessary technical resources involved, you constantly have to pay for upgrades as new technology is released. Now there's a better solution for businesses in Dover: HaaS (Hardware as a Service) from Xpress Computer Systems, which offers you the latest technology, service and support - all for one low monthly rate.

Xpress Computer Systems HaaS plans provide:
  • Improved productivity through better technology
  • Access to hardware with any application and operating system
  • Fixed monthly costs, with no capital investment needed
  • Ongoing management and upgrades, as well as 24/7 tech support
  • Scalability as your business grows or needs change
For any business to succeed today, business computer hardware is essential, but it's expensive and requires regular maintenance and costly upgrades. Traditionally this has been a serious disadvantage for small businesses in Dover and across the country, but with Xpress Computer Systems' HaaS solutions, you can utilize the latest technology and keep up with your better-funded competitor's computer hardware without breaking the bank.

Without the distractions and hassles of dealing with your computer hardware on your own, you can concentrate your efforts on expanding your business and getting new prospects and sales. Plus, productivity will rise as your employees benefit from having access to the most recent technology. And don't worry -- if you have any questions or problems, our Hardware as a Service computer hardware team is based right here in Dover and is just a phone call away.

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